Medically Fit For Exams
Medically Fit For Exams


  1. Introduce, explain the procedure and gain consent
  2. Put on gloves and apron
  3. Prepare equipment – open packets
  4. Tie tourniquet
  5. Localise appropriate vein – should feel spongy, non-pulsatile and away from arteries and tendons
  6. Clean for 30 seconds
  7. Remove first cap, and insert plastic protector
  8. Remove needle cap
  9. Hold skin just below entry point
  10. Position needle, with bevel upwards, about 15 degrees
  11. Venepuncture, until feel pop
  12. Insert sample tube, taking care to keep the needle still
  13. Wait for the tube to fill up completely
  14. Fill another if necessary
  15. Prepare gauze
  16. Gently remove needle, put straight in sharps bin, and press entry point with gauze
  17. Hold for a few seconds
  18. Remove if bleeding has stopped, if it continues, place a plaster
  19. Fill in the labels (or verbalise that you would do so)
  20. Place all rubbish in clinical waste bin, and blood samples in the tray
  21. Remove gloves and apron
  22. Thank the patient for their time

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