Medically Fit For Exams
Medically Fit For Exams

Male catheterisation

  1. Introduce, explain the procedure and gain consent
  2. Put on apron
  3. Clean trolley or surface and attach a clinical waste bag
  4. Position the patient – needs to be sitting on an inco sheet, with legs out straight and trousers removed, but leave him covered with blankets at the moment
  5. Open sterile pack, touch as little as possible (only touch corners)
  6. Open all packs – remember to keep the packet of the catheter so stickies can go in notes and on the catheter chart. Pour saline into the bowl.
  7. Expose the patient
  8. Put on gloves (thumb on the outside)
  9. Clean the penis – use as many pieces of cotton as necessary, but only wipe once with each and place straight in the bin. Ensure you clean under the foreskin, and over the head. Also clean the shaft, from the direction of tip to body
  10. Prepare instillagel (can squirt a little onto the sterile sheet first), and prepare the patient that it might be a little cold and stingy
  11. Hold the penis up to straighten the urethra
  12. Insert about 10mls of instillagel slowly, in small pulses
  13. Pinch the tip of the penis and continue holding up to allow the gel to move down the urethra – explain to the patient why you are doing this
  14. Remove gloves and put on a new pair
  15. Lay a piece of gauze across the shaft
  16. Open the blue sheet, make a slit in the middle and place over the patient.
  17. Lift the penis through, using the gauze.
  18. Expose ONLY the tip of the catheter, and dip in instillagel
  19. Explain to the patient what you are about to do
  20. Pull penis into the palm of the left hand, and hold in the upright position
  21. Apply pressure to open the meatus
  22. Insert the tip of the catheter, and feed it in, keeping the plastic wrapper on
  23. You may need to alter the angle of the penis if you feel resistance
  24. Feed the catheter in up to the bifurcation
  25. Inflate the balloon by depressing the plunger fully, twist off the syringe and throw away
  26. Pull the excess catheter tubing out until you feel resistance
  27. Open the catheter bag, ensure tap is closed, and connect to the catheter tubing
  28. Stretch out the bag, and you should see a flow of urine
  29. Put everything in the clinical waste, and cover the patient back up
  30. Thank the patient for their compliance

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