Medically Fit For Exams
Medically Fit For Exams


  1. Introduce self, explain procedure and gain consent
  2. Put on gloves and apron
  3. Prepare equipment, open packets etc
  4. Tie tourniquet
  5. Locate appropriate (spongy, not near tendon) vein
  6. Clean for 30 seconds
  7. Remove tourniquet
  8. Remove air bubble from syringe
  9. Screw syringe onto cannula extension tube, and squirt fluid through until it collects in the bottom of the packet
  10. Reapply the tourniquet
  11. Change your gloves
  12. Remove the needle cover without extracting the needle
  13. Press the end and the port together
  14. Stretch the skin about an inch below where you plan to puncture
  15. Puncture the vein, with the bevel upwards, until the ‘pop’ is heard
  16. Watch for flashback
  17. Remove the tourniquet
  18. Place gauze under entry point to catch any blood
  19. Simultaneously push the tubing into the vein (as far as it will go) and retract the needle
  20. Put the needle in the sharps bin
  21. Unscrew the cap of the extension tube, and screw onto the cannula
  22. Squirt the rest of the fluid slowly into the cannula, explain to the patient that will just feel a little cold in their arm
  23. Close the green clip to prevent leak
  24. Remove the syringe
  25. Peel off the two white stickers, on either side of the butterfly
  26. Place the dressing on
  27. Initial, date and bleep number on the last sticker, and place away from viewing window
  28. Place all rubbish in the clinical waste disposal
  29. Remove gloves and apron
  30. Thank the patient for their patience

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