Medically Fit For Exams
Medically Fit For Exams

Blood glucose measurement

  • Wash hands and introduce yourself
  • Check the patient’s name and DOB
  • Explain the procedure and gain consent


Prepare the equipment

  • Gloves
  • Gauze/cotton wool ball
  • Testing strips
  • BM machine
  • Lancet
  • Sharps bin


Set up machine

  • Insert the testing strip number into the machine


Taking the measurement

  • Ask the patient to wash their hands, avoid alcohol (or if no other alternative, leave plenty of time to dry)
  • Put on your gloves
  • Twist the top off the lancet
  • Position the lancet to the side of the finger pulp
  • Deploy the lancet, and place into the sharps bin
  • Squeeze a drop of blood out onto the test strip
  • Fill the strip up to the line
  • Note and record the reading
  • If the reading is high, ask the patient if they have recently eaten or had anything sugary
  • Dispose of equipment
  • Thank the patient

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